Custom adhesive coils: create and print online

reel labels are a quick solution to categorize and identify products, archives and various objects. there are various types of labels , which differ according to their final purpose. the labels , even more than many other graphic products, can have a promotional meaning, for example to personalize company merchandising; they can be applied on products highlighting discounts or promotions; furthermore, they can be used as signs inside the company environments; finally, they are perfect to be applied on samples for packaging studies or with a simple decorative function. for the most common needs you can use the classic adhesive labels , available in different sizes, from 3 x 1.5 cm to 30.6 x 45 cm. the personalized adhesive labels can be produced on reels and are ideal for both manual and automatic laying. printing of labels on reel can be carried out on different supports, according to the characteristics that you want to give to the finished graphic product.