Custom A3 and A4 advertising leaflets: create and print online

Advertising leaflets can have different uses: the use of recycled paper is usually reserved for those requested by centers or commercial activities, which emphasize the company's interest in eco-sustainability, while when the request comes from art galleries, , companies that need to present themselves to the public or to their customers, the choice becomes more complex. the company or institution that turns to a graphic designer for the creation of advertising leaflets will demand a distinctive product that can best interpret its philosophy. here, the graphic designer or the advertising agency has all the necessary tools to amaze and fulfill the image desires of its customers, thanks to the presence of different media that meet high quality standards from metallized to any type of matte, glossy and coated paper. on the market. furthermore, if the idea is that of a special format, you can indulge yourself by trying every kind of format starting from a3 or a4. find out more on wowlab4u!