Leaflets and standard brochures: create and print online

Corporate brochures constitute a complex microcosm within advertising strategies: brochures, tourist guides, company newspapers or magazines intended for a specialized audience deserve special attention and care from a graphic point of view. Folding brochures are a means of communication that requires the characteristics of immediacy and comprehensibility, combined with aesthetic pleasure. The design of a company brochure starts from the project that the customer has requested and each project will correspond to a precise format. The choice of format in company brochures is everything: a brochure or a travel guide, for example, must be manageable and practical to carry, while for an internal newspaper or a catalog special formats may be preferred that can highlight the exclusivity of the product. In the same way, the selection of the right weight for the paper is very important: easier to browse, and perhaps recycled, for the documentation for internal use, thicker, laminated or otherwise glossy to make the appearance of photos or magazine covers more incisive.