Postcards and invitations on special media: create and print online

Do your postcard and your invitation deserve special support? in addition to the format, what will characterize the true style of the postcard will be precisely the support: for invitations , events and anniversaries, supports with the finest and most prestigious materials, from innovative metallic supports with chromolux in gold or silver, to continue with the sirio pearl support. if your client wants to promote an initiative or a corporate offer, things change: you can put aside the advertising postcards with the "tie", decidedly more institutional, and choose more fun and lively media that focus on the satin, translucent or even soft touch effect. a series of promotional postcards to print online that will make a real difference not only for your customers' events but also for your special occasions such as weddings, baptisms or birthdays. discover the range and active promotions on wowlab4u!