Carved colored stickers to create large lettering or logos

With the colored pre-spaced stickers we offer an important tool for decorating walls and vehicles with shaped logos or writings without the costs of printing. This product can be very useful for those who organize events or exhibitions and want to accompany visitors with phrases, aphorisms, impactful quotes or with signal information. We recommend accessing the desired article and downloading the template that illustrates both the methods of preparing the file and the warnings for correct application. Configuring the product is quick and simple: just define the dimensions, choose the color of the adhesive PVC and set the complexity of the cut. The carved text or trademark is always supplied already peeled, i.e. you will receive only the writing so to speak, while the external parts to it or those that need to be perforated (for example the inside of letters such as A, B, D, O) are always removed.